Deize Tigrona

Deize Tigrona


Cover and visualizers design for the EP volume 1 of the brazilian artist Deize Tigrona.
After a 10-year break in her career, the singer returns with her new album Foi Eu Que Fiz, where she exposes her identity and intimacy.

With a career spanning more than 22 years, Deize is one of the pioneers of funk carioca. A musical style from the favelas of Rio that has been very popular since the 1980s. True to certain codes of this musical genre, Deize Tigrona writes humorous lyrics with strong sexual connotations.

Creative direction: @freshprincedabahia
Photo: @pdrpinho
Photography Assistant: @franklindalmeida
Makeup: @mulhertrans
Hair: @adivagreen
Styling: @eufedra
Styling assistant: Débora Santos
General production: @junin_rm
Executive production: @artursantoro
Cover design: @regular.switch
Mix/Master: @phonocortex
Realization: @batekoo Records and

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